Friday, January 18, 2013

Kidani Village Savanna Overlook

   When it comes to Animal Kingdom Lodge we've always preferred staying at Jambo House, but because we stay on DVC points we sometimes end up staying at Kidani Village.  This happens to be the story with our next trip in let the Kidani lovin commence!
   Not as grand as Jambo House's Arusha Rock overlook, the Kidani version is still super cool.  Here are a few photos from this past October, taken while we were waiting for our Sanaa reservation...


  1. We're staying at Kidani for the first time in May, so I will look forward to reading some Kidani lovin'

  2. When you say you stay with DVC points, are you members, are your families members or are you using a DVC points rental such as David's Disney Vacations Club? My family (parents) are members and we love it, our favorite thing to do is save up points for two years and then spend a lavish vacation at Animal Kingdom in the 3 bedroom suite! We are going to try and do that next Christmas, it would be beyond amazing if we can get the dates!! I am thinking of getting a membership with my hubby and we are trying out David's Disney Vacation Club Rentals for the first time this October. I love DVC, glad to see other people without kids loving it too!!