Sunday, January 6, 2013

Disney Blog Roundup: 1/06/13

   Wow. 2013.  Nuts right?  We're having so much fun being Disney Hipsters that this year has flown by!  Have you guys listened to our recent appearance on Wedway Now? Not to mention our upcoming appearance on Wakefield Report!  Or our weekly roundtable discussions on Main Street Gazette?   Sheesh...we've been busy kids.   Good thing we have a slew of amazing friends/bloggers doing all the hard work for the Disney community!

   On Disney Hipster Blog this week:

      - We started the new year off right, with a round up of our most popular blog posts from last year!

      - Then looked at some amazing background art from Meet The Robinsons.

      - And we rounded out the week with a look at the origins of the Adventureland Tiki Drums!!  :)

   On other equally rad blogs:

      - Melissa Sue from Mouse on the Mind lamented the loss of a few WDW treasures. Depressing indeed!
      - After a year, Ryan at Main Street Gazette finally weighs in on citrus swirl!

      - By far the blog I visited most in 2012, Eating WDW, visited Studio Catering Company this week...and even got something vegetarian! Yay!

      - A wonderful idea for a blog series over at This Happy Place Blog! Be Our Guest beer reviews!  Yay beer! Yay Disney!

      - Rich, at Mouse Troop enjoyed a moment on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters... despite the attraction breaking down. :)

      - Rounding our their "12 Drinks Of Christmas" Drinking Disney brings us number 12.... The Shadow, from Boardwalks Bellvue Lounge.

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