Monday, December 3, 2012

Photopass: Be Wacky.

   We love the Photopass option at Disney parks. Actually, we kind of love when anyone takes our picture, but thats beside the point.  The only thing about the service that we don't really care for is the incessant nagging by the photographer to do something wacky.  
   Make a scary face! Raise your hands up with joy!  Because we're polite adults, and don't want to hurt anyones feelings, we often oblige these cues.   My favorite is when they say, Now, smile really big and pretend like your having a blast!  What do they think I'm doing at Disney World/Land? Cant you tell by my black clothes and sunglasses that I'm having a blast? 
   Here are a few of the horrible nuggets: 

Pretend like Adam just told a joke...

They LOVE LOVE LOVE making you do this...especially at Disneyland.

Meanwhile, at Disney World, they love to make you act like "tough guys."

 Adam's tough guy face is amazing. Totally a tough guy.

"now, be a pirate!" Clearly my dad got a little confused...

This is actually kind of amazing... 

My "scary face" is about as good as my "tough guy" face...

   So, I guess the photographers are doing a good job...seeing that they can get me to smile on command.  And since we often ask them to move from one location to another (see Swiss Family Tree House, above.) we're willing to jump through a few hoops. 

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  1. haha. This made me smile. :) I really don't think the PhotoPass people have ever asked us to pose in a certain way. Although one time they did make James and I kiss, and I was like wow, thank god he is my boyfriend. haha.

    Miss you guys! Was just looking at pics from the day we met up last year. We really need to get on a winter meet up! xo