Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012 Edition.

   Here we are friends.  This is the end of the first FULL year of Disney Hipster Blog...a seriously ridiculous and amazing hobby, that spun a little out of control.  This year brought us a lot of new venues. We now have a Facebook page, as well as a Tumblr (because we're like, totally 18 years old.)      This year also brought Disney Hipster Podcast to the world, and for that, I'm truly sorry.  We had the honor of hosting our first official meet up at Disney World, which was such a treat.  I seriously can't wait for the next one.
   Here is a round up of some of our more popular posts from this year!  Enjoy.

   Adam enjoying Columbia Harbor House...

  - In January we sat down for lunch at Columbia Harbor House, and enjoyed the pleasant aesthetics of the restaurant! Turns out A LOT of people feel the same way about this terrific spot!
  - After a trip to Washington DC I was inspired to write about Buckminster Fuller, the creator of the geodesic sphere, and author who coined the term Spaceship Earth. 

   - Turns out that our readers love background music as much as we do! Our "your morning at Epcot" post has remained the most popular on our site...

   - That same month we made a fun song and video about our favorite ride! Living With The Land, Or Die!

Me, doing my thang...

   - In April, I finally took a moment to reflect upon the most important aspect of a Disney World vacation! Drinking Around The World!

   - Our first ever trip to Disneyland, in May, brought lots of fun blog posts! My favorite being our Disneyland anniversary gift!

   - June brought a new series, featuring all of our "Disney crap."  First, our refrigerator, then the tea hutch, our living room, and finally the bedroom.

   - This Summer we spent quite a bit of time researching the country of Norway, in order to fully appreciate its Epcot pavilion. 

   - Our obsession with Sonny Eclipse continues...who knew he had a cousin??!!

In September I made vegan school bread! :)

   - The history of Baroque Hoedown was looked at as well.  What badass composers! :)

   - What better way to spend a fall evening than Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party!?!?!  I'm already looking forward to next years party! 

   - It was just a matter of time before we started collecting background music on our own... really though, why isn't more Animal Kingdom Lodge music available?

   - We decided to confirm how dorky we are, with the help of photopass photographers.

   So there you go friends...a year full of bad writing and blurry photos.  We hope that 2013 brings a whole slew of randomness. (and vulgarity on the podcast)  Thanks so much for sticking with us, even if we write about the same obsessions too often.  
   Did you have a favorite post this year?  Let us know via twitter! @disneyhipsters


  1. Happy New Year, and thanks for all the great reads! Your posts often get me Googling about subjects I never even considered -- the Baroque Hoedown piece was my very favorite.

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