Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Walt Disney World & You : Part One

   One of our recent fun acquisitions is Walt Disney World & You, a cast member handbook from the 1970's.  This book covers a lot of ground.  The Disney look, performance expectations, pay, calling out sick...etc.  All of these are covered with silly blue illustrations!    I'll bring you the entire book over the coming weeks...
 Wonderful design on the cover...

      Welcome to Exciting Walt Disney World...
      Exciting because you are right in the middle of the biggest and boldest development of its kind in the world today.  Walt Disney World is a giant outdoor show played on more than 27,000 acres, holding resort-hotels, campgrounds, golf courses, Lake Buena Vista, and of course...the Magic Kingdom Theme Park.  Why, your stage is more than twice the size of the island of Manhattan!  
   You'll help produce our show no matter what role you're playing; whether you're onstage presenting the show...or backstage preparing the show.
   You will be working with all types of people...both guests and fellow cast members.  Your job may require that you do some routine work or perhaps some new and unusual things. And if anyone told you that it was all fun...just easy work...a laugh-a-minute'd better take another look.  Your role in our show, whatever it may be, is giving service and entertainment to others. And giving service to others is highly disciplined field.  You might say that we work while others play.
  The operation of Walt Disney World is a total team effort...requiring the skills of many crafts, the knowledge of many professions, and the work and cooperation of every cast member involved.
   When we all work together as a team, it adds up to maximum work enjoyment with a minimum of frustration.  This is why we are going to tell you about the "Disney way" of doing things...the way we all work here at Walt Disney World.
   We don't like to call them disciplines...but that is what they really are.  They are the day-to-day rigors of creating and maintaining our world-famous show.
   Actually, we'd love to get along with NO rules, but with our huge cast we have to make sure that we are all playing from the same "script."
   In this script, we have listed many of the "cues" that you need to know.  These cues make sure that our teamwork isn't handicapped by unnecessary misunderstandings. 
   We think that you'll like our Disney way of doing, without further delay, let's raise the curtain on our Walt Disney World stage...