Thursday, November 29, 2012

Walt Disney World & You, Part 2: Joining Our Cast

   Lets continue our look at this 1970's Disney World cast member handbook! yay!

Joining Our Cast:
   As you prepare to start your first working day as a member of our cast, there are some important things you'll need to know.  Here is a list to help you get ready for your role in our Walt Disney World Show.

Personnel Classifications
   It takes over four hundred entirely different roles to keep our show operating here ar Walt Disney World. You could work in any one of these hundreds of positions, but nearly everyone is classified in one of three major categories:

Permanent Employee - You are employed in an established job on a permanent basis working at least four (4) days per week and al least twenty (20) hours per week.

Casual Regular Employee - You are regularly scheduled to work at least one (1) day per week, but less than four (4) days per week.

Casual Temporary Employee - Your employment is designed to accommodate a specific period of expanded company activity.  You may work only in the summer season, winter season, or holiday period.

Physical Examination
   At the time of your employment, you might be required to take a medical examination.  If such an examination is requested, then it is for your own protection as well as your fellow cast members.  In addition, you could be requested to take an examination at any time during your employment with Walt Disney World, at the Company's request.

   A week or so after being "cast for you role", you'll be photographed and receive an identification card with a "terrible" likeness of yourself on it.  This card will be your personal ID and you will be asked to present it to Security Hosts and Hostesses every time you enter work.  For this resin, keep your Disney ID in a safe place and always carry it at work.  Casual Temporary cast members will not receive a permanent ID with picture, but will be issued a temporary ID.  This identification card is your proof of employment with Walt Disney World and therefore may never be loaned to another for any reason.  It is not transferable and remains the property of Walt Disney World Company.  It must be surrendered upon termination or demand.  If your card is lost or stolen, immediately notify the Security ID Office in The Center.

"Get Acquainted" Periods
   You will be on a probationary status during your first ninety (90) calendar days of employment with Walt Disney World.  This is to give both you and Walt Disney World a chance to get acquainted and to determine whether or not we meet each other's expectations regarding employment.

Your Transportation to Work
   Your having reliable transportation to and from work was an important factor in your selection for employment with Walt Disney World.  It is a continuing responsibility on your part to maintain your transportation so as not to let it interfere with your job. 

Employee Parking
   Please help everyone by parking in your assigned area and in the proper parking spaces.  When you receive your permanent Disney ID card, you will be given a parking sticker for your car so that our Security Hosts and Hostesses will recognize you as an employee.  It is your responsibility to maintain that sticker and see that it is not used on any other vehicle.
   When utilizing our Resort hotel parking lots, please remember that our guests always come first! Specific areas have been designated for cast parking , and we ask that you always park there.

Your Home Address
   In the event of an emergency or some problem at work, it may become necessary to reach you on very short notice.  It is, therefore, extremely important to keep you home address and telephone number current in our listings, If you change either at any time during your employment with Walt Disney World, it is your responsibility to immediately notify your Department Office and Personnel Services Office located in The Center.

   In addition, we want you to receive our Disney publications and complimentary ticket books that we periodically mail to your home.  A great way to check your address to see if it is current, is to look at your paycheck. The address that appears on your paycheck is the address in our records.  So don't forget to let us know whenever you have a change in your name, address or telephone number.

Equal Employment Opportunity
   It is the continuing policy of Walt Disney World to be fair and impartial in all its relations with employees and applicants without regard to race, religion, creed, color, age, sex, or national origin.  This policy applies to reciting, selection, training, promoting and all other personnel actions and conditions of employment such as compensation, benefits, transfers, layoffs, reinstatements from layoffs, company sponsored training, educational tuition assistance, social and recreational programs, and disciplinary measures.

Relatives and Friends
   If you have any relatives or friends looking for work whom you feel might meet the qualifications for our cast, please direct them to our Casting Department.
   Husband and wife or close relatives may both work at Walt Disney World, provided their work areas are separated.  it is our policy that spouses and close relatives do not supervise the other and that no sensitive situations exist.

Please Note...
   Cast members who are covered by certain Labor Contracts may find some items in this book that do not apply to them.  Check with your supervisor if you have any questions. 


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