Monday, November 12, 2012

Three Germany Emperors In Epcot

   The St. George Platz of Epcot's Germany is one of the most wonderfully themed areas in all of World Showcase.  The architectural styles vary greatly, each building more ornate than the next.  Inspiration for the facades come directly from actual buildings in Germany.
   The historic Kaufhaus, found in Freidburg, was built in 1520 and is honored with a near direct copy in Epcot.  Despite color differences, the Disney World version is pretty true to form.  Among the flourishes are three sculptures of German rulers sculpted by Sixt Von Staufen between 1520 and 1531.

Emperor Ferdinand I, 1503-1564

Emperor Charles V, 1500-1558

King Philip I, 1478-1506

   Little details like this continue to surprise me. Despite the fact that I've spent countless days at Epcot I still manage to find new wonderful themed areas.  These sculptures didn't HAVE to be in place, but the lengths at which the Kaufhaus was recreated is appreciated by all Epcot fans.  

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  1. People ask why I go back, I'm approaching my 10th visit quickly. This is why. There is still so much more to see!