Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dinner At Rose and Crown

   One of our old favorite restaurants on property was Rose and Crown.  We hadn't been here in years, as other restaurants started filling in our as favorites. But since the menu has changed somewhat since our last visit, we decided to drop in last minute during our recent trip.

   Located in the UK pavilion at Epcot, Rose and Crown is divided into two parts.  The Pub, which houses the beautiful bar (duh) and serves a limited menu, and then the main restaurant, including tables overlooking world showcase lagoon.  The interior is gorgeous old school pub, complete with dark wood, brass, and knick knacks.  The atmosphere is the epitome of cozy.
   I should preface the meal by saying that we were both huge fans of the previous vegetarian entree option.  The vegetable curry was a unique offering in the land of veggie burgers and sautéed bland vegetables.   But, alas, the curry is with us no longer. (why does curry never stay on any WDW menu?!?!)  Needless to say, the bar for this meal was already high.

   Because there was only one vegetarian entree we decided to share that along with two side dishes.  The vegetable pie n' mash entree consisted of totally blah vegetables...carrots, peas, onions, and mushrooms, covered in mediocre mashed potatoes and greasy cheddar cheese. Basically a veggie shepards pie sans protein.   This dish is so ridiculously uninspired its hardly worth mentioning.   This is of course the main problem we have with Rose and Crown.  In trying to make all vegetarians happy the restaurant has dumbed down the ONE OPTION so much that it hardly has any other flavor than salty. 

   The beauty of the old curry dish was its uniqueness among the rest of the menu.  The option stood out and I'm assuming would entice non-vegetarians to enjoy its splendor.  But of course, we all know that curry is a devisive food if there ever was one.  So to remain a truly valid option for all vegetarians (except vegans because Disney kind of sucks big time...) Rose and Crown had to dull down the ONE OPTION to this bland turd of a dish, as opposed to having TWO OPTIONS. 
   Mind you that there is literally nothing special about this food.  The mashed potatoes are used in three other meat dishes and the seasonal vegetables are littered throughout.  Its nice to know that this dish wasn't just thrown together.  This is in every sense of the word a lazy melange of side dishes dumped in a bowl and broiled with cheese.  Lets throw this subset of people scraps...

   To flesh out our meal we also ordered the cauliflower gratin and mushy peas side dishes.  Same as our entree, the cauliflower was barely palatable nonsense.  The only flavor was coming from the cheese...which managed to be watery. (how did that happen???!!!!)  I do realize that the hallmark of an au gratin dish is the cheese, but this was completely without additional flavor. No pepper, no nutmeg.  The mushy peas on the other hand were quite delicious and full of spring pea goodness.  They're a perfect example of letting the appropriate flavors shine. 

   I hate to be such a downer, but this is another restaurant we're crossing off our lists.  This stinks because we really enjoy the atmosphere quite a bit.  Do yourself the favor, and if you're a vegetarian considering Rose and Crown, skip it.  Head over to Germany for some Biergarten.  Heck, even meatfest Le Cellier has MUCH better veggie options. 

   Do you enjoy Rose and Crown? Let us know over on Twitter! @disneyhipsters


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your meal. My husband and I are both vegetarians. We visited the Rose and Crown for lunch on our last visit and loved the Vegetable Stone Pie. It was kind of like a thick quiche with mushrooms, onions, and spinach.

    Our last trip in October was unique for us because I am pregnant and it was right in the middle of the worst morning sickness imaginable. This is one of the only meals I have fond memories of and I loved the food and service so much, I went to guest services and left our server a thank card. Maybe next time you go, you can ask for the lunch vegetarian option instead of the dinner option!

    1. good to know Sarah! I'm sure we will be back eventually...and the good thing is, they tend to change the menu pretty often! :)

  2. It stinks that they took the option you liked away. I have loved Rose and Crown every time we have been there. I particularly like the Fish and Chips. I hope they can find a new vegetarian dish that will bring you back!

  3. Since my daughter became vegetarian years ago, we've had to get creative with the dining at Disney. We find the best options are the appetizers. Rose and Crown has two good salads and a to-die-for cheese plate. A salad and cheese plate makes a filling meal. The bread there is pretty awesome too. Vegans are pretty well screwed.

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