Monday, November 12, 2012

Creaky Gears in Harper's Mill

   Tom Sawyer's island is an often overlooked area of the Magic Kingdom, especially for adults with no children.  The fact is that the island is designed with kids in mind and offers them free range to run around like maniacs.  Despite the 'free range children' Adam and I make a point to visit the island at least once per trip to admire the scenic beauty and totally awesome old school theming. The super creepy mannequins at the fort are reason enough to visit. (they honestly look like they will murder you...)

   One of the most amazingly detailed structures is Harper's Mill.  Named for imagineer Harper Goff, the water powered mill makes a nod toward Disney's Silly Symphony The Old Mill as well as another fun early 20th century reference....

   Fun right!?!  I always love stoping in the mill and listening to this horrible noise for a bit...before some kids run through and ruin it...

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  1. I'm so glad WDW's island hasn't been pirate-ized. "Free range children"...LOL! Never knew about the mill tune!