Sunday, November 4, 2012

Arusha Rock Overlook BGM!

   One of my absolute favorite places in the world is a little corner tucked away at the Animal Kingdom Lodge's Arusha Rock Overlook.  Nestled out on the Arusha savanna at Jambo house, the overlook is studded with beautiful "Disney" rocks and a patchwork of plants.  There is also a very special and intimate background music loop...which supplies the whole area with just the slightest bit of sound.  Nothing obtrusive here.  Light percussion is key.
   The problem is, I've never been able to find this loop anywhere on the internet. So I decided to be a BGM loop snatcher!  Basically, I crawled in a bush and planted my recording device next to a well hidden speaker...huzzah! Music loop!  Though this isn't the entire loop, it is 24 minutes of that very special and specific melange of African goodness.

The bush I climbed into...

the loop!

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  1. Nice!

    I did this a few years ago with Fort Wilderness, with a speaker down the beach near the overgrowth. Sat and wrote and recorded, that was a good day!