Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vintage Bambi Desktop Wallpaper

   I am deeply and morbidly obsessed with the inside covers of old Disney books.  Some of the most creative design often appears here and, coincidentally, not in the content itself.  Such is the case of Bambi Grows Up.  The inside of this children's book is ripe with wonderfulness. The green leaves are out of this world amazing, and the general concept of the animals peaking through is just stinking adorable.
   Here I scanned the two sides (complete with someone's scribbles!) put them in a collage, and lightly aged them.  It is my current desktop wallpaper, and I encourage you to do the same...that is, if you want to smile while working. :)


  1. Nice! I know -- when I was that young -- I spent a lot of time staring at Disney inside-cover art and imagining backstories for the images. And a kid's book isn't complete without at least one scribble! :)

  2. My piano teacher has this book :)
    Thanks for the wallpaper!

  3. The wallpapers are so beautiful. I want to decorate my kids room with this wallpaper. Can you tell me that where I will find this wallpapers in the UK? Arthouse wallpaper