Monday, October 15, 2012

The Importance of View...

   A lot has been written and discussed when it comes to room views at Walt Disney World.  There are many different (and random) classifications as far as view is concerned. Pool view, garden view, lagoon view, theme park view, standard keeps going and can get quite confusing.  But how important is your room view in the context of your entire vacation?  Its not like your going to spend much of your time there anyhow.... WRONG.
our Grand Californian view...
    While vacationing at Disney World you are overwhelmed by many sights and sounds. The overstimulation can cause you to get overly excited and riddled with anxiety, albeit happy anxiety.  The time for calm respite might be in the morning, enjoying your coffee before heading out to a Magic Kingdom rope drop.  It could be while getting ready for your evening meal, dressing up in your favorite pair of suspenders. 
    Whatever the case may be odds are, you will probably be stepping out onto the balcony and thinking "what will today bring me."  In this moment of quiet contemplation you can easily fill your "Disney reservoir" with subtle and amazing memories. 

Savanna view at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

   The idea of a perfect vacation can be greatly enhanced with a special view.  Just another embellishment to the story of your trip. "And then, after a long day in the park we watched Wishes from our room..."

Our view from the Contemporary...

   Maybe its my romanticizing of Disney World...but I basically see the same sights everyday in my regular non-vacation life, and while I'm visiting a Disney park I like my view to be that perennial favorite adjective. Magical. I need whimsy everywhere I look, and if I can avoid overlooking a parking lot while enjoying my Nescafe, you better believe I'm going to do it. 


  1. Could not agree more. Returned this past Saturday from an 8-day stay at the Grand Floridian. Because we were there for a medical convention & staying on a "group rate," (aka hugely discounted) I didn't have room choice upon making our reservations. When we arrived and checked into our room in the Boca Chica building, we walked in, walked out, and headed straight for the front desk. One side of Boca Chica is directly facing the ongoing pool construction and WHO WANTS TO LOOK AT HARD HATS AND CONCRETE AND DIRT for their entire vacation?

    Admittedly, we are accommodation snobs--lest someone jump down my back for being picky. We reserve the the right to be fully happy with our room and its views. Thankfully the Grand Floridian was able to put us in another room. Well, after rudely sighing and being all, "We're at 98% capacity this week," even after my husband very politely explained that we'd be happy to pay for a new room on our own dime, minus the convention discount. We were moved to Sago Cay, where we had a nice view of the the marina and the monorail.

    So yes, I agree with y'all. I want my vacation to be complete, which means I want every ounce of magic I can squeeze from The World.

    And having said all of this, we'll never stay at the Grand Floridian again. Ask me how many times the monorail was inoperable while we were there. (That'd be every day, and always while going to or from Epcot. Or from the MK to our resort.) Ask me about the friendly staff (with a couple of exceptions, NOPE!), or the open/operating bars/restaurants. Ask me how many times we had to stop at the Tambu Lounge in the Polynesian, just to enjoy a beverage in magical surroundings.

    It'd be easier to say the Grand sucks. 'Cause that sums it up for us. (I'm not opinionated or picky at all, huh?)

  2. "I need whimsy everywhere I look." Totally agree. If one can afford it, spending a little more to get the final puzzle piece is well worth it.

    We usually stay at the Paradise Pier Hotel, and always try to get a view of DCA. I love getting up early and looking out at the park "waking up" at the same time! It really adds to the anticipation! :)

  3. I am reading this from my hotel room in Disney World and could not agree more! I tend to get sick on vacation (my body is an asshole) and have to spend at least part of one day in the hotel room. We decided this time to stay at the Port Orleans Resort so we could enjoy the Romance of the resort and we even have a view of the fountain. Well, guess what, I ended up on antibiotics and today was stay at home cuz I'm too sick to get out of bed day. You'd think that the romance of this resort would have been enough, but no, all day I have wished I was in the Contemporary with a Theme Park view, or in the Animal Kingdom Savannah view room. This is the last time I don't pay that little bit more for the nice view.