Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Swiss Family: Outdoor Adventure Book

   Continuing down the proverbial Disney fan boy rabbit hole, I've started to amass a small bounty of Disney children's books. We've already looked at the amazing Toby Tyler illustrations, plus the random awesomeness that is Big Al Moves In.  The illustrations in these two books are vastly different than that of todays book, The Outdoor Adventure Book. 
   This obscure 1977 book is a combination of the Swiss Family Robinson story, plus practical information!  There are sections on backpacking tips, pirates, ostriches, and "how to get unlost."  Yes that is some random nonsense right there. Today I'll share the images from the Swiss Family section.
   The illustrations are in the same painterly style as a vast majority of Disney's print media output at the time. Very iconic of the 1970's, and though this would normally be a turn off for me, something about these have always grabbed my attention. The small details found within these images are whimsical treasures.  Because people are represented in this painterly style it often makes facial expressions hard to read. (note: fun.) Is mother Robinson excited or upset? (or pooping?)

I love the way the images are mixed in creatively with the text...

I love these pirates...

Lets go to the top and watch Wishes.

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