Thursday, October 4, 2012

Maharajah Jungle Trek Animal Signage

  Among the most extensive themed lands in any Disney park is Animal Kingdom's Asia.  Set in the town of Anandapur (there is, an actual Anandapur in India...) Asia's back story is as rich and detailed as any Disney has to offer. (remember, story first...) Be it the prayer flags found throughout, or the exquisite detail in the Expedition Everest queue, a visiter could easily spend the day exploring this area.
   One of the unnecessary, by any other standard, details is found in the Maharajah Jungle Trek.  This delightful walk takes us through some of the most elaborately detailed, well executed animal enclosures in the world. In addition to more standard animal signage and hosts, there are also beautifully painted signs as text is needed. Just simple and effective characters all done up in bright swaths of color.

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  1. These are beautiful -- if the park sold prints, I'd definitely like to take home that first one.