Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Disneyland's Le Bat En Rouge Awesome/Spooky Theming

   Tucked away in Disneyland's New Orleans Square (and right next to Club 33) is a spooky little merchandise location, Le Bat En Rouge.  Where most basic Disney theme parks stores are content with light theming, Le Bat goes above and beyond to create the eerie atmosphere their merchandise requires.
   I'm not talking about the standard Jack Skelington /villains motive that most "goth" Disney stores usually deliver. This store is rather unique in the fact that their theming is detailed, textured, unique and downright creepy. (see the bird girl below....yikes!)

   This is just on the verge for Disney...and I bet something this awesome would never show up at Disney World.  Something about the palmistry had and skull just fit in so well in New Orleans Square.  Oh well, at least WDW sandwiches?


  1. Love this place, and not just for the Haunted Mansion CDs. If there's a freakier thing than Bird Girl in any of the parks, I sure can't name it.

  2. I love this store! So unique in its own way!

  3. What. the. hell. That Bird girl is going to haunt my dreams. But I need to see her in person, obviously