Friday, October 5, 2012

Disney Blog Roundup: 10/6/12

   O.M.Goodness.  Our Disney Countdown Chain is getting very, very short!  The anticipation on our end is getting ridiculous. Honestly, I wish I could pack two weeks out. :/

   What we were up to this week:

      - Lots of Epcot love on this weeks podcast! Have you subscribed/rated us on iTunes?

      - We made a fun vintage Bambi desktop wallpaper! Came out nice, right??

      - Podcast member Jamie made the delicious Black Cherry Twist from the old standard bar menu!

      - We took a look at some fun signage at Animal Kingdom's Maharajah Jungle Trek.

      - Have you entered to win our Haunted Mansion giveaway??!!

   What our friends are up to:

      - Estelle at This Happy Place Blog bought an amazing piece of Epcot randomness... so amazing.

      - Main Street Gazette's Ryan has some Epcot love as well...from 1986! Love the map design...

      - What? More Epcot? Yes indeed.  Sarah from Eating WDW made a stop at the new Terra booth at Food and Wine.  I'm very interested to try it myself...

      - Go read this amazing blog about the wonderful theming in Storybook Circus from Passport To Dreams.

      - Futureprobe investigates some alternatives to Epcots horrible logo...

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