Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sleeping Happily Ever After

      You often hear people talking about using certain attractions throughout Disney World for "Nap Time". It's the time to get out of the blazing Florida sun, put up your feet and get in a few moments of zzzzzzz during a long day at the parks. Popular snoozing favorites include the Hall of President's, Ellen's Energy Adventure and Star Tours (Hey! rocks me to sleep andddd god knows my Vestibular System would not let me open my eyes).

      Although I don't condone napping in an attaction while experiencing it, I started to realize that I find certain rooms or areas of attraction extremely relaxing for some reason and dream about sleeping in it. Not napping. SLEEPing in it. Like 8 hours of blissful dreams.

 Big Al Cuddle's

Here are some of my favorites:

-The Grotto in Pirates of the Caribbean....specifically the little island on the left with the skeleton and the sweet little crabs on it. Something about the cool darkness, soft wind, rain sounds and the general musty smell make me want to cuddle up next to a dead pirate.

Pirate Island

-The Oil Rig room at the very end of Maelstrom. We haven't hidden our love of this attraction very well, but this is the main reason I personally adore it. I dream about spending a night wrapped up under a faux down Norwegian quilt on top of that oil rig. I seem to be building a running theme here, but the cool dark night sea air just relaxes me. I anxiously await this part every ride and am always very disappointed when it ends so quickly. Sigh...

Oil Rig
-The Ghost Hostess "Little Leota" crypt room at the end of the Haunted Mansion. I can't imagine a better resting place. Dark, with a cold breeze and a whispery lullaby of "Hurry Back...Hurry Backkkkkkkk".

 Ghost Hostess

-The American Prairie scene in Living with the Land. I can't pin point exactly what it is about this this one. It really captures the quietness of the country, at what feels like dusk with just a light rustling of small farm animals.   I specifically want to curl up in a rocking chair on the front porch of that yellow house. Too bad its not in Beulah.

Little Yellow House

-Theatre II of Ellen's Energy Adventure during the prehistoric broadcast from KNRG News Radio but before the film begins. Again its dark and cold, but I also find the dim light of the radio towers extremely soothing. You actually do have time for a short nap here during a ride through, but I'd also love to spend the night in a KNRG loop; However I'd need something a bit more comfortable than those pesky, yet amazing, ride vehicles. (NOTE: Sit left front when entering the ride vehicles for maximum KNRG exposure)

Sorry, We didn't have a photo of the room :(


  1. "Something about the cool darkness, soft wind, rain sounds and the general musty smell make me want to cuddle up next to a dead pirate."

    Best sentence in a Disney post ever. :)

    Over here in CA, my family and I have discussed places we'd like to sleep in overnight at Disneyland. I vote for upper deck of the Mark Twain Riverboat -- as it travels -- near the paddle wheel. No whistle 'till dawn -- what an alarm clock!

  2. Even though I absolutely adore The American Adventure, if I'm tired enough, I will not hesitate to catch a few zzzs in there. It's always cool, shows are the perfect length for a nap, and the seats are really comfy.

  3. Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. I used to dream of living in the treehouse from the movie and having that "skylight" that opens up to the night sky. It would be the best place to try to hide-out and get some sleep after park close.

  4. My sister dropped her wallet in the Haunted Mansion last summer, and had to wait in the crypt until all the Doombuggies had cycled through, listening to, "If you would like to join our jamboree..." over and over. She still has bad dreams about it sometimes.

  5. Wendy's room on Peter Pan's Flight, please.