Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pinocchio's Village Haus: Themed Cabinet

   In the pantheon of not so great, but kind of fun restaurants...Pinocchio's Village Haus takes the cake.  There is indeed one on EACH coast, both of which fit in the same category.  Truth be told, I prefer the one at Disneyland.
   The theming isn't as over the top as its Walt Disney World cousin. The nuances and subtlety of the restaurant are fun to explore, as opposed to WDW's over the top crazy extensive gaudy theming. (again, I like both....even if it doesn't sound like I do.) Plus, Disneyland has a terrific apple cheddar salad that is quite delicious...
   Here is one of the fun little corners of the Disneyland Village Haus restaurant, straight from Gepetto's work shop.


cabinet full of toys and knick-knacks... 

scary/fun man jar. 

delightful pig. 

Gepetto is a heavy drinker. 

more awesome toys.
   I'm going to have to stop into the WDW Pinocchio's Village Haus on our upcoming trip to sample one of their new flatbreads, that look amazing! Heck, they have to be better than what they were serving before!  I'll try to snap some pictures of their theming as well.
   Do you prefer one Village Haus over the other?


  1. I haven't tried the one at WDW yet, but I was very glad when DL overhauled the Village Haus menu during its long rehab a couple of years ago. For ages, its food seemed completely flavorless to me. The situation is much, much better now, thank goodness!

  2. Caprese flatbread at WDW is quite tasty. I've been trying to snag a table on that upstairs outside balcony without success. They don't seem to put the tables and chairs out there much.

  3. Something that has continualy bothered me about Pinocchio in general was the German theming. Its an italian fairytale to its very core. As an italian girl myself...the fairytale being misrepresented breaks my poor little heart. Though i agree its quite a charming resturant on both coasts. I just wish Pinocchio was themed correctly :(