Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Labor Day: Five Disney Characters Who Earned A Day Off...

   Here in the states, we're celebrating the un-official end of Summer with a federal holiday.  Yes friends, today is Labor Day...celebrating another year full of hard, strenuous, soul killing work.  Be you a biologist (like Adam) or a hair stylist (like me) we all do our part for the collective whole.
   Of course, there are some who tend to work a bit harder than others,  the collection of notable Disney characters included.  In no particular order, here is a short list of Disney characters who actually deserve the day off...

   Roger: 101 Dalmations
      What? Just because he's British he can't be on the list?  Sure he can.  Roger spends countless hours slaving away at the piano writing wonderful songs for everyone to enjoy!  As Pongo is quick to point out, Roger works a strict schedule, never taking a break until 5PM...and he works at home!  That is dedication!  Take the day off Roger...

Thanks for working hard Roger... Anita really needs a job.

   Cinderella: Cinderella
      Do I need to say much?  Forced slavery by your step mother, living in the attic, ragged clothes.  The mice say it best, "Everytime she finds a minutes, thats the time when they begin it!"  And homegirl doesn't even make a fuss.  We salute you Cinderella, and we're sure that someday your luck will turn around!

Did I mention her only friends are mice and birds? Girl needs to get out of the house!

Nani: Lilo And Stitch 
      Though she could be easily misconstrued as a slacker/beach bum...Nani is working hard at keeping her family together.  After losing her job at the luau recently, she has been trying admirably to find a replacement as soon as possible!    Your efforts have not gone unnoticed!  Enjoy that beautiful Hawaiian weather...and take a break.

She really should work as a life guard at Aulani...

   Tiana: The Princess And The Frog
      This is really a no brainer. Tiana has not one, but TWO full time she takes small catering duties on the side!  Who else is going to whip up beignets for Charlotte?  The question here is why isn't your fabulously wealthy best friend providing you with a loan to start your restaurant? hmmm...

So, she waitressing, and cooking at the same time...

   Gepetto: Pinocchio 
      Gepetto is an old man with no family to speak of.  He spends his days toiling away making fantastic whimsical toys, clocks, and figures out of wood.  His workshop is overrun with his craft, evidence of his hard work! He could have retired years ago...

now stop being such a creep...

   There you have it.  A few of the hardest working kids in the Disney canon.  While most Disney characters are admirable in their own way, these have stood out from the rest as a hard working bunch. In another post we might explore the laziest of the lot (we're coming at you Emperor Kuzco!)  Enjoy the day off friends...hope you didn't plan on going to the library, because its closed. :/


  1. Awesome -- Great choices! I'd like to nominate these hard workers as well: The Seven Dwarfs, Angus MacBadger, Tony the restauranteur (He cooks, he manages, he waits, he sings!), Wart (Arthur), Maximus the horse, Scrooge McDuck, and the for-hire trio of Mickey, Donald and Goofy (even though all their joint business ventures end in disaster).

    And...even though he's not animated...Mr. Banks.

  2. I love this!!!!!!

    I think I would have to add Mickey to the list. It's must be hard being the face of a company, and being 2300 places at once. ;)

  3. So great! You hit all of my top ones! :)