Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Halloween Wednesday: The Skeleton Dance Decoration Idea!

   I love decorating for Halloween! Our home is currently decked out with banners, pumpkins, bats and pumpkin candles! (keep in mind that I have a giant candy corn tattoo...I really love Halloween.)  One of my favorite Disney shorts is 1929's The Skeleton Dance... so I thought I'd create a little homage to those fancy dancers!

Lets spend our evening drawing skeletons. Also, thats my hair, not a hat...

       I started by "googling" images of the dancing ghouls, and chose my favorite of their poses.  I recreated these shenanigans with sharpie and construction paper and arranged them as an impromptu headboard, hence completing our Halloween decor! :)

now I want to watch all the Silly Symphonies...


  1. Cool idea - one of my very favorite animated sequences!

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