Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Disney Trip Countdown Chain!

   You know that feeling you get, when your Disney trip is FINALLY ALMOST REALLY HERE...then you realize you still have a whole month left?  I'm sure the anticipation is hard on everyone, and especially families with small children. Why can't we just leave tomorrow???
   Adam and I basically have the same mind frame as small children.  We start getting hyped up for our trips so early that it could be deemed unhealthy.  In fact, I can't get over my post Disney depression until our next trip is booked and locked down.  Having something to look forward to actually makes our hum drum (yeah right.) lives a little brighter.
   Eagerly anticipating our October trip, I created a little project to help the time go by more quickly.  I cut strips of colored construction paper, and listed things that we are looking forward to the most.  There is a piece of paper for every day leading up to our departure, and each day one is torn off.  We relish the idea of the event listed, and get excited all over again.

I used fall colors, to go with our Halloween decorations...

   The list is in no particular order and can include just about anything.  Restaurant reservations, meet and greets, specific attractions...even background music loops are all fair game for your countdown!

   Put your countdown chain in a location where you can slowly and eagerly watch as it dwindles down to nothing! We put ours on Disney filled tea hutch... a place that we are sure to pass by a million times a day.  Make sure and take turns who gets to tear off each nights ring...and jump for joy as you finally reach the end. :)


  1. OH MY GODDDDD I ALWAYS MAKE CONSTRUCTION PAPER COUNTDOWN CHAINS AND EVERYONE THINKS I AM CRAZY ... hooray for not being crazy, or just finding others who are my kind of crazy!
    xo Katherine

  2. Great idea!!! This was always something I wished I had time to do when the kids were little.

  3. That's a great idea! I hope MouseChow Meetup is on your chain!