Friday, September 7, 2012

Disney Blog Roundup: 9/7/12

   We had a super fun week here at Disney Hipster Headquarters!  I (andrew) am busy prepping the house for all of our Halloween decorations! (this is much more complicated than it sounds...) and Adam is busy learning Winnie The Pooh songs on guitar. Also, I had a really good greek salad today, so thats something.

  - We started the week by looking at the hardest working Disney characters! to celebrate Labor Day!

  - On Tuesday we made vegan Tonga Toast! Yummy! I'm still thinking about it...

   - Then we looked at one of the more charming details at Epcot! The torii gate in Japan!

Enough about us (kinda...) on with the roundup!

   - Let the countdown begin! Melissa Sue is as exited about Food and Wine as we are! bring on the cheese!

   - As a young man with a candy corn tattoo on my elbow, I appreciate Eating WDW's review of the Goth Goodies candy corn!

   - Bratty kids at Disneyland?  I guess so! via Gorillas Don't Blog...

   - I'm so honored to be part of the Dapper Day series on This Happy Place Blog!!!! So much fun!!!!

   - Futureprobe looks at the Hollywood Studios Cars Land rumors....  I'm all for it! :)

   - Ryan at Main Street Gazette  looks at some initial differences in Epcot Centers design! I can't believe out girl is 30 years old! :/

   - You've undoubtedly tried Disney Food Blog's Cupcake Crawl...but how about the Walt Disney World Cheese Crawl!!!!

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