Friday, September 21, 2012

Disney Blog Roundup: 9/22/12

   Whats that you say? Disney Hipsters are going to be in Disney World in less than a month?? Indeed we are friends, and the countdown has become real.  Reservations are all panned out. (Garden Grill on my birthday!!! Wild By Design tour!!!!)  We truly need this vacation...oh, and the Disney Hipster Meet Up should be fun and ridiculous.

   What we were up to this week:

      - We started the week with with Adam's favorite (theoretical) place to sleep in Walt Disney World.

      - I made a fun art project counting down to our trip, told you I was excited!

      - Halloween Wednesdays continue with my Skeleton Dance decorations...

      - Animal Kingdom Artifact was a quick trip through the Expedition Everest queue.

      - We wrapped up the week with my new favorite Disney collectible...

   What our friends were up to:

      - Ryan at Main Street Gazette has some interesting ideas about the Pirates update supposedly coming to the parks...

      - Save Buzzy!!!! Continues over on Wonders Of Life Eterna. This video gave me the shivers...

      - I agree with Major Pepperidge from Gorillas Don't Blog...I want one of THESE in my house.

      - If I were Rich T. from Mouse Troop I would totally have had a claustrophobia freak out being stuck on Nemo's Subs...

      - If there is one thing I can get behind, its fried corn nuggets.  Eating WDW agrees...

      -  Sounds like Estelle enjoyed From Dreamer To Dreamfinder as much as I did! via This Happy Place Blog.



  1. I like how I'm going to be in the World for 8 days in October and y'all are going to be there, too. And by "I like," I mean I HATE. Because our days don't match up.


    1. I know! what are the odds that we will both be there a cumulative 19 days...none of which match up!!! :(

  2. Thanks for the mention, Adam and Andrew! I'm honored! :) (Side note: during the second break down, everyone in the sub was making calls on their cell phones.)