Thursday, September 20, 2012

Animal Kingdom Artifact: A Brisk Walk Through Expedition Everest.

    During our rope drops at Walt Disney World, I am pretty much forbidden to take pictures.  Adam and me HUSTLE our butts from attraction to attraction getting the most out of our random need to be at rope drop. (Even when we are EXHAUSTED from the night before, we will make it to rope drop a good 30 minutes early...this is vacation???)
    I usually manage to snap a few pictures while briskly walking through the queue of Expedition Everest, mind you that I never actually stop to take the picture.  Here are a few from January. :)

   I wish Adam and I would spend the time waiting in this queue...but our mad touring schedule doesn't allow for it.  The theming really is a thing to admire here, where the line is almost as entertaining as the attraction.


  1. These look very creepy and not fun at all. For some reason, they remind me of the time when I would go to the local haunted house after school with my friends. Good times!

  2. Disney world is a fantasy for kids. With Disney world an image of beautiful animals come in mind but i don't thin its a bad idea to make a horror house.

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