Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WDW Pics App Review

   We don't often review smart phone apps on this blog, but we haven't been in a Disney park since May, and Disney World since the beginning of February. (!!!!!!)  At this point in our Disney World withdrawal we will take just about any avenue to get our parks fix...including apps.  There a dozens of Disney related apps available for just about everything. Wait times? sure.  Transportation? indeed.  Food? of course.  All of these will suffice in bringing a little bit of the parks to your everyday life...and are helpful while in the parks themselves.
   An app that is new-ish, and indeed new to me is the WDW Pics app, which includes over 100 high quality photos from Disney World. These photos include all four parks and several of the resort hotels.

   These photos range from park "weenies" and other over-shot icons, to more specific detail oriented photographs.  While not all of the photos float my boat, the more nerd centric theming based photos are pretty great.   Regardless of taste, all of the photos would make pretty nifty backgrounds for your iPhone. 

Tikis! Germany!  These are two of my favorite photos from the app...

Pretty, but un-necessary.

   The photo contributors to the app include Disney community semi-celebities like Tom Bricker and Cory Disbrow... who have a fun Disney photography podcast, ISO 5571. (yes, that is the name of the show...)  Though a couple of the photographs are pixilated when viewed on the phone, the vast majority are crystal clear in a way that I could never take them. (seeing that my only camera IS my phone...)  And that is where this apps core audience is...people who DONT EVER take real photographs.
   Though there are a few photos from Animal Kingdom, I'd like to see the inclusion of more in the future.  A park that photogenic should have a larger presence on this app for sure.  It would also be great to include a few shots from EVERY resort.  While it is still growing and evolving, I'll keep my fingers crossed for that. :) 

   If you need a Disney fix this morning, you can download the app here!

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