Saturday, August 4, 2012

Disney Blog Roundup: 8/4/12

you guys have seen this, right?

- Another amazing post from Passport 2 Dreams discussing the ever-hot topic of show buildings! Very interesting indeed.

- Eating WDW is continuing an extensive look at the WDW standard cocktail menu! The raspberry rain  looks pretty good to us! We'll take two...

- Our favorite esoteric Wonders of Life Blog improves upon the fitness fairground at Wonders of Life.  

- Melissa Sue at Mouse On The Mind peeks at Doc Terminus's cart for Wayfinding Wednesday! Always loved this.

- Guest blogger Katie, for Disney Food Blog explores the Disney Halloween parties on both coasts... I CANT WAIT!!!! Yay!

- Main Street Gazette's Ryan shares some wonderful images from an early Epcot promotional booklet! 

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