Monday, August 27, 2012

And The Winner Is...

   After a long, exciting, ridiculously fun week of tabulating all the entries and interacting with some of the most amazing people in the "Disney Community" we HAVE A WINNER!!!!  Watch the video below to find out who the lucky Disney fan is!  We had a blast with this giveaway, and rest assured we will be doing another one in a few months for sure!

   Thanks again folks!  We promise to uphold the low level of mediocrity that we have set for ourselves, and will not let you down! :)


  1. Fun, fun video -- and the painting rocked!

  2. you, too Hipsters! And let's be clear, MouseChow is just me, Dawn. Goodness knows, if there were more of us, we would blog more frequently. Happy birthday, and thank YOU for making my commute more fun since I've been listening to your podcasts in the car and on the train. Looking forward to seeing you both at your meetup in October!