Saturday, July 14, 2012

Disney Blog Roundup: 7/14/12

   Late night hair bleaching? Check. High Life? Check. 30 Rock re-runs? Check.  Lots of fun Disney stuff to read about?  You know it friend!

   - Not only were we totally featured on This Happy Place Blog... but Estelle took a peek at all the small things from her recent trip!  :)

   - Lots of Sanaa love via Eating WDW!!! First a fabulous cocktail... as well as some delish appetizers! yummy!

   - Though, not really a Disney blog....we're totally obsessed with our new friends at LEG+JCB including this wonderful Disney trip report! Day One! Day Two! Day Three!

   - Mouse On The Mind debuts a new series! Too Little Too Late: John Carter.  We loved this movie!

   - Ryan at Main Street Gazette steps back from the community for a moment to reminisce about his WDW beginnings...  just wonderful. :)

   - Holla!  Its the Fred Gurley! From Gorillas Don't Blog...

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