Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Few Treasures From Space Farms

   Adam and I recently had the pleasure of visiting Space Farms in the secluded woods of New Jersey.  This terrific place is a combination museum and zoo.....What?!?! Yes, friend, two great things in one.  Space Farms has been in operation since the 1920's...and they have a wonderful melange of antiques.
   My mind drifts automatically to what disney stuff do they have??  Well, there was indeed a few things in the "doll room."

 Wonderful Jiminy Cricket from the 1940's.

The weirdest/ugliest collection of dolls...why is minnie's body like that!!??


  1. Haha I've always wanted to's around the corner from my friend's place and he tells me they use local road kill to feed the lions o.O
    Ahh I love the odd attractions in NJ. I wasn't aware there was a museum component.

  2. All the doll bodies on the first level are weird! What about Mickey?

  3. I spy Dennis the Menace!! Also, I would totally have to try really hard to keep myself from stealing that cricket. TOO CUTE.

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