Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hakuna Matata Playground!

   Nestled snuggly behind the main Jambo house pool, and the Uzima savanna we find the Hakuna Matata Playground...a wonderful little area for kids.  Unlike most play areas this one is very well hidden from the rest of the guests, which is a great thing.  Of course children need a place to play while at the resort, but it should not be front and center. Regardless of what most people think, not everyone wants to listen to your kid scream while I'm enjoying a margarita.
   This area is well themed and fun, just like the rest of the resort.  It is secluded through the use of trees and rock work. (just beyond the rock work are flamingos! yay!)  Thatched roofs add a nice bit of flair, as do the benches.  Recognize them?  They're also used on Discovery Island at Animal Kingdom park...

   Overall this area is a great idea.  It gets a few kids away from the jacuzzi (!!!!!!!) where they actually SHOULDN'T be...and gives them something to do while their parents relax.  The theming is appropriate, and I love the little nod to Animal Kingdom through the bench.  fun.

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