Friday, June 1, 2012

Grand Californian Corner: Stained Glass Sliding Doors.

   Here we are, a month after our first Disneyland trip...and the end of our Grand Californian Corner segment!  Here is a picture of the notoriously hard to capture stained glass sliding doors at the front entrance of the resort.  Truth be told, I did have to wait several minutes to get a picture that wasn't entirely blurry. (yes friends, it is rude to make people wait to walk by as you take parks and out.)

   Though the official run of the segment is over, I definitely will drop a Grand Californian Corner in place of an Animal Kingdom Artifact now and then, as I'm feeling homesick for Disneyland.  We are already looking forward to our next west coast trip...May of 2014. :)


  1. Late night/early a.m. is the best time to get this one and not have to worry about guests:

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