Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good Design / Bad Design: Fur Costumes.

   On the latest episode of the Disney Hipster Podcast (which you have subscribed to on iTunes...right?) We introduced a fun new segment called Good Design / Bad Design in which we analyze very specific Disney related topics.  This week we took on fur character costumes. Fur characters, though not always, are usually animals.  They aren't allowed to speak...but that doesn't stop them from being ridiculous and amazing.
   Adam had a few some pretty good reasons for his two pics...which I don't need to share here. (because you have ALREADY subscribed on iTunes...oh, and you've already left comments and rated it as well. Right?)  But I thought it would be fun to include a few pictures of these costumes in action...

good design.

Bad design. Adam clearly doesn't like this...

   Also, this segment has a silly/catchy theme song composed by yours truly.  Enjoy friends. :)

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