Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Disney In Our Home: Tea Hutch.

   We started a short new series last week finding Disney related crap in our house!  This week we are moving out of the kitchen and moving into the foyer, specially that definitively gay guy piece of furniture...the tea hutch.
   Our hutch is an arts and crafts secretary from the 1920's.  We got it for a steal at a Staten Island antique store, and we store the majority of our tea/coffee stuff in it.  Among these treasures are a number of Disney related junk!  Yay!

this thing is responsible for all caffein induced potty mouth...

   In the realm of tea we have not one but TWO beautiful  Price and Kensington teapots from the UK pavilion at Epcot.  We also have the very common place Alice in Wonderland teacups, as well as a double serve french press tea pot.  We just threw the tea away, because it was gross...and quite frankly shouldn't qualify as tea.

 Price and Kensington tea pots from Epcot. 

I'm pretty sure we got these at the kitchen store at WDW's downtown disney...

   In addition to these dainty little guys, we also have a pretty firefly mug from Mitsukoshi department store at the Japan pavilion at Epcot.  This is Adam's, and I'm pretty sure he has never actually used it because it is quite awkward to drink out of.  We also have my Mary Blair mug that I recently bought in Disneyland, though they are available at both resorts.  
  Finally we have two beautiful and campy tiki glasses from good ol' Trader Sam's at the Disneyland hotel.  We ordered the Hippopoto-mai tai and the Krakatoa Punch specifically to get these glasses...and trust me I drink out of mine all the time. (with a glow cube and all!)

mug from Mitsukoshi department store, and from Disneyland.  

Trader Sam's mugs...

   The more I think about it I realize how much junk we have. :/ We have barely touched the surface friends!  Next we I'll be tackling the rest of the foyer, as well as the living room!  yay!  


  1. Haa! This is why I love you guys! As soon as I saw the photos, I was like, “only two gay dudes would have such a beautiful tea hutch.” It is fabulous! Will you adopt me?

  2. LOVE the Mary Blair mug. Any idea where I should look for it at WDW?