Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Disney In Our Home: Refrigerator

   We have been pretty honest about our lack of Disney merchandise on this blog, pretty much since our first post.  We aren't into plush, or picture frames, or calendars...or what ever people buy on vacation.  But as I was slumming around the house on Monday (because it always rains on my days off from work) I realized. Holy Moley!  Disney threw up all over our house! 
   This of course is not literal puke. (Disney puke, as we all know is citrus swirl and pixie dust.)  But I noticed that something had happened over the last six years...we HAD become merch people.  Like I said before, it isn't plush (with one exception) and a lot of our stuff people wouldn't realize is Disney related.  But our home is completely utterly drenched in Disney memories!
   Because of the shear enormity of our silly collection of crap, I'm breaking this up into many subsections.  Today, we look at our refrigerator.

It looks un-disney enough, right? 

more after the jump...
   It seams unassuming enough.  But go in a little closer and you start to see it.  On the freezer section we have a small collection of photo booth photos.  Everywhere from The Andy Warhol Museum, to Point Pleasant, New Jersey.  Oh...and two from Disney World. :/

While Adam was at his convention at The Contemporary...I went solo. This is at the Boardwalk.

One of my favorite memories. Evening extra magic hours at Animal Kingdom...bring it back!

   As we move to the side of our ice box, we come into a wealth of silly Disney items.  Included are A-E ticket magnets, two vinylmation magnets, a Mousetalgia podcast magnet (thanks Kristen!),  another photo booth picture from Boardwalk (this time, a single rectangular photo.) and in the upper left hand corner...a receipt from the now defunct Mrs. Potts Cupboard...for an ice cream cookie sundae. 

   So, yeah...disney stuff kind of creeps up on you.  We never meant for it to get like this...memories littered all over the place.  Next week we will take a look at another portion of our home, and see what we can find.  :) 


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