Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Disney In Our Home: Living Room

   Lets continue our exploration of horrible consumerism! Yay!  We've already taken a peek into our tea hutch as well as our cluttered refrigerator.   Today we're moving into the living room to discover even more Disney fun...
   One of our favorite pieces of Disney merch is a wonderful little clay skeleton from the Mexico pavilion at Epcot.  This is the type of keepsake that reminds me of my trip every time I look at it, but also doesn't scream Disney World to other people.  We would never have the heart to put this guy in storage, so he hangs on the wall year round...not just at Halloween.

   On our side table we keep a set of the new-ish Shag designed coaster set, depicting 1971 Disney World.  These are bright and colorful, as is most Shag art...and also functional! Yippy!   On the coffee table we have a rotating Disney book collection, but the mainstay here is giant Art of Walt Disney. 

 Shag coasters! get to go to 1971 WDW!

The Art of Walt Disney. 

   In addition to these traditional souvenirs, I also have a large collection of Disney World Plants! And as we mention in a recent podcast, we also have a few Mary Blair prints from the Art Of Animation computer kiosks...

   So next week we're going to wrap up this segment (hopefully) by JAMMING THE REST OF THE HOUSE IN ONE POST....lets see how that goes.  Do you have any interesting Disney merchandise?  Share it with us via twitter: @disneyhipsters

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  1. This is such a great post concept! We have several pieces of Disney art hanging on the walls, but have a few "knick-knacks" on display as well. With the wall art, we try to keep it a bit blended in with the rest of the decor, although we have some more "Yup, that's Disney!" pieces about.