Friday, June 15, 2012

Disney Blog Roundup: 6/16/12

   Oh man. Its been an exciting week in the world of Disney.  It feels good to have so many good things happening in the parks these days, instead of, nothing.   Around here we're still having fun getting settled into our roles as podcast hosts...and working on several other projects as well.
   Hope everyone had a terrific week.  Here is some more fun:

- It's been a busy week over at Eating WDW! Sarah has been exploring both The Art Of Animation food court...but also the Sundowner Celebration at Animal Kingdom!  Exotic beer always piques my interest... even if it is too sweet.

- Melissa Sue over at Mouse On The Mind reviews a Hollywood Studios map app. We still get confused there too! :(

- One of our favorite Disney blogs, Passport To Dreams continues to amaze us with their mapo sticker template! Keep the tradition alive!

- Ryan at Main Street Gazette takes a look at one of my favorite props! Ducky Momo is my friend! :)

- Only Estelle could have the coercive prowess to get us to appreciate some aspect of Disneys Hollywood Studios...and she succeeded in spades this week! mostly through bribing us with BGM...

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