Friday, June 29, 2012

Disney Blog Roundup: 6/30/12

   Another week/month over. Another fun moment in planning our October trip.  This week we not only tentatively planned out our ten night trip...but also made our advance dining reservations!  Yay!  Among others: Le Celier, Sanaa (duh), Jiko (duh), Liberty Tree,  Biergarten, and The Wave.  Yippy!!!! I'm very excited...
   Here are some amazing posts from the Disney community.

- This Happy Place brings us TWO of our favorite reads this week! James writes all about beer on their recent cruise (!!!!!) while Estelle has both happy faces and sad faces when it comes to their short WDW visit.

- Over at Eating WDW we get a good look at the awesome new flatbreads at the Village Haus! Caprese flatbread? yes please.

- We're still grieving the loss of Snow White at the Magic Kingdom.  There is however a very fitting tribute to this dark ride over at Passport To Dreams.  Wonderful article.

- Main Street Gazette brings us some really fun details from Art Of Animation!  Cant wait to check this resort out...

- Mouse Chow is taking Disney food to a whole other level...making frozen bananas at home.  Love this idea. :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Animal Kingdom Artifact: Three Special Pieces From Sanaa.

   Todays artifacts are from the culinary wonderland of Sanaa.  More specifically they are located above the booths lining the wall opposite the Savanna viewing windows.   This is why I love Animal Kingdom Lodge so much.  Unless you REALLY went looking for these things, you would never see them...but if you happen to stumble upon them they're very special.

Songe Mask, Republic of Congo. 

Tanzanian Cooking Utensils.  

 Pende Market Basket.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Disney In Our Home: The Bedroom.

   Here is the last in a series exploring rampant consumption of Disney merchandise!  We've already taken a look at our refrigerator, taken a peek in our tea hutch, and given an overview of the living room.  I had a lot of fun reliving all the memories that went along with this crap, and I'm kinda sad that its over. Oh well, one last room...

   First off is a bookshelf where we store all of our Disney movies. They're kept in approximately alphabetical order.  In addition to our movies this is where we keep our growing number of vinylmations...and our little orange bird sippy cup. (thanks to friend of the blog, Katie for that one...)
Can you spot the other piece of Disney memorabilia in the first photo?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Inspiration: A Day With Wilbur Robinson

  The 2007 computer animated film Meet The Robinsons is often left off of peoples top Disney films list.  Not mine friends.  I love this movie, and as corny as it sounds it has a lot of heart.  Released during a time of extreme change within the company, Meet The Robinsons was dismissed even before its release.  Though it has somewhat of a cult following of ravenous fans I feel like the general consensus is meh.
   The inspiration for the film is William Joyce's 1990 children's book A Day With Wilbur Robinson within which Joyce both writes and illustrates. I picked this book up at our local library very curious about the source material.
   I'm happy to say that the illustrations are very nifty indeed.  The palate is somewhat more subdued than I would imagine, a sharp contrast with the vivid colors of the film.  The characters are similar, if not more stalky than in the film...including Lewis's awesome hair.  As far as story goes, it is just one short vignette found within the movie.  Very charming indeed.

Dinosaurs? Check...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Germany's St. George Platz

   I've been dreaming of Germany lately, and by Germany I mean the Germany pavilion in Epcot.  Really, more than anything I've been salivating over the idea of going to Biergarten and eating mounds of pretzel bread and cauliflower soup. (yay! we made our reservations yesterday!)
   The center of this pavilion is the St. George Platz.  Platz is essentially a town know, if wikipedia is correct. (which it probably isn't.)  St. George is depicted in a wonderful statue and column in the center of the platz, while slaying a dragon.  Poor dragon! Well, you would probably kill the dragon if he was eating local children...I hope.
   The rest of the pavilion is flanked by several different architectural styles of Germany, including a wonderful castle backdrop, cottages, and an enormous and wonderful coo coo clock.

Epic Mickey 2: Meet Oswald The Lucky Rabbit.

   I don't love video games, but Adam is quite the enthusiast.  The only time I've shown mild interest in video games was a few years ago with the release of Epic Mickey.  It's not so much the game play that I enjoyed, but the fun take on Disney parks and forgotten characters. ( you know how I love Clarabelle Cow! ) So I am super excited that Epic Mickey 2 is coming out in short order, with a great emphasis on the ultimate hipster cartoon character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!
   Here is a video promoting the video game, including a short history of Oswald.

   Are you as excited as I am for this video game?  Do you think Oswald deserves the accolades he's been getting in recent years?  Let us know!

The Importance of The Firehouse Five Plus Two

   The way I think about the Disney company of the 1950's is defined simply in one word: whimsy.  I'm  shying away from the word magical for a few reasons, one because it portrays a sense of naiveté that I don't dare bestow upon the company, and two, because it is a blog cliche at this point.
   Within the Disney community there are definitively esoteric sub genres of fandom...diverging from one central axis, Walt Disney.  Animated features, Disney theme parks, short cartoons, cruising, merchandise...for crying out loud, even FOOD has its own short list of dedicated blogs.   As Disney fans we have a wealth of steady news, images, sound files, and fun.  At this point it is rather hard to keep up with it all.
   In keeping with the whimsical nature of the empire that he started, Walt was notoriously able to utilize  his employees both within and out of their comfort zones.  Unknown talents brought to the surface by a man whose reputation was on the line. Screwing up was not an option.
   It seems like the jack of all trades idealism that Walt had for these guys was inspirational on some level, prompting mid-afternoon hoopla fun and renegade dixielanders The Firehouse Five Plus Two.   Comprised of Disney employees, including two of Walt's nine old men Ward Kimball (trombone) and Frank Thomas (piano). Also in the group, playing banjo, is Harper Goff well known for his work on the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Film as well as concepts for Disneyland.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Disney Blog Roundup: 6/24/12

   We just went to see Brave, and now I'm a sobbing mess. Pixar does this to me every summer. :/ Now what do I have to look forward to?  Oh yes! Reading terrific Disney blogs, such as these...

- Main Street Gazette brings our attention to one of the many interesting artifacts at Disney's Boardwalk...

- One of our favorite resort lounges, Old Key West's Gurgling Suitcase, gets some much needed attention on Eating WDW.

- Major Pepperidge continues our favorite series on vintage Disneyland wardrobe...this time with the shooting gallery, and Cal Arts museum costumes, via Gorillas Don't Blog.

- Disney Food Blog has us VERY excited to have some new vegetarian options at Animal Kingdom! Looks yummy, right?

- Our friends at Mouse On The Mind bring us another great app review! This time, one of my favorites the Beers And Ears app... don't leave home without it!

Sunday Quickie: Blizzard Beach Bathroom Signage

   Now that it is officially summer, and the weather is becoming a little unbearable for us pampered city folk, I need to start focusing my thoughts on things that will cool me down.  One of my favorites is the faux winter wonderland of Blizzard Beach!  Here are two wonderful bathroom signs from that park...

   These are so creepy and fun, right?  I love bathroom signage at Disney parks, as they are usually as well themed as the rest of the resort...these are a good example.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Two Lost Peter Pan Songs

   Sunday evenings around Disney Hipster Headquarters are a relaxing time.  Catching up on blogs, podcasts, books, etc....all while listening to classic Disney soundtracks.   This past Sunday I decided it was time for some Peter Pan. "Oh! Hey! Whats that?" The Boatswains Song...indeed!  The wonderful thing about recent rereleases of Disney soundtracks is the inclusion of demos that have been cut from the film...despite the fact that they are usually quite amazing.
   I'd love for the people at the parks to embrace these more fan-centric gems.  Wouldn't it be nice to hear these two Peter Pan songs in the queue for Peter Pan's Flight?  I know I'd love it...

 The Boatswains Song...

Never Smile At A Crocodile...

   First of all a boatswain was a ship manager in charge of underlings.  Second, the clip included above is not the version of Crocodile included on the album, but charming none the less.  The fun thing is that the music from this song is included as the crocodiles theme, but the lyrics were cut.  Just another piece of the Disney pie that we need to digest.  

Animal Kingdom Artifact: Guest Room Wallpaper.

   This wallpaper is found in the bathroom of all (??) guest rooms at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.   I really love graphic nature of this...not just textured color like you might expect in a hotel room.  Thats the thing about AKL, everything is customized to the resort. Hence my friends, it is very special indeed.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hakuna Matata Playground!

   Nestled snuggly behind the main Jambo house pool, and the Uzima savanna we find the Hakuna Matata Playground...a wonderful little area for kids.  Unlike most play areas this one is very well hidden from the rest of the guests, which is a great thing.  Of course children need a place to play while at the resort, but it should not be front and center. Regardless of what most people think, not everyone wants to listen to your kid scream while I'm enjoying a margarita.
   This area is well themed and fun, just like the rest of the resort.  It is secluded through the use of trees and rock work. (just beyond the rock work are flamingos! yay!)  Thatched roofs add a nice bit of flair, as do the benches.  Recognize them?  They're also used on Discovery Island at Animal Kingdom park...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Disney In Our Home: Living Room

   Lets continue our exploration of horrible consumerism! Yay!  We've already taken a peek into our tea hutch as well as our cluttered refrigerator.   Today we're moving into the living room to discover even more Disney fun...
   One of our favorite pieces of Disney merch is a wonderful little clay skeleton from the Mexico pavilion at Epcot.  This is the type of keepsake that reminds me of my trip every time I look at it, but also doesn't scream Disney World to other people.  We would never have the heart to put this guy in storage, so he hangs on the wall year round...not just at Halloween.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

B-Side: Castaway Songs

   Earlier today we shared some of the fantastic artwork from the In Search Of The Castaways story and song album, released in 1962.  The album includes these terrific Sherman Brothers songs, of which Castaway is just heartbreakingly good.
   I'm not delusional, I know that Hayley isn't the greatest singer but she's never sounded more charming than here.

A-Side: In Search Of The Castaways

   We have a nice collection starting to form of Disney branded records.  Though our record player is broken, we have still continued to amass a few new albums here and there.   One such record is the story and songs from In Search Of The Castaways.  This 1962 charmer features some of the most under-rated Sherman brothers well as an exciting/nuts plot based on the Jules Verne novel The Children Of Captain Grant. 
   This album features some of that AMAZING painterly illustration of the 1960's, which help to define that era.  Hayley appears in them charming as ever...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pixilated Disney Vilains.

   I've been having a lot of fun lately using the Pixlr-Editor program.  Here is a silly fun project I made this week pixilating some ferocious Disney women. :)


Sunday Quickie: A Few From Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain...

   The queue at DL from Big Thunder Mountain is much better than at WDW.  Here are a few pictures with theming....apparently the old west is all about barrels.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Disney Blog Roundup: 6/16/12

   Oh man. Its been an exciting week in the world of Disney.  It feels good to have so many good things happening in the parks these days, instead of, nothing.   Around here we're still having fun getting settled into our roles as podcast hosts...and working on several other projects as well.
   Hope everyone had a terrific week.  Here is some more fun:

- It's been a busy week over at Eating WDW! Sarah has been exploring both The Art Of Animation food court...but also the Sundowner Celebration at Animal Kingdom!  Exotic beer always piques my interest... even if it is too sweet.

- Melissa Sue over at Mouse On The Mind reviews a Hollywood Studios map app. We still get confused there too! :(

- One of our favorite Disney blogs, Passport To Dreams continues to amaze us with their mapo sticker template! Keep the tradition alive!

- Ryan at Main Street Gazette takes a look at one of my favorite props! Ducky Momo is my friend! :)

- Only Estelle could have the coercive prowess to get us to appreciate some aspect of Disneys Hollywood Studios...and she succeeded in spades this week! mostly through bribing us with BGM...

Five Things You Can Do Instead of Cars Land...

   Today, while everyone (except you) is clamoring to get on Radiator Springs Racers...we're all sitting at our computers hoping for new photographic evidence that Cars Land indeed exists at DCA, and that it in fact kicks total ass.
   Well friends, do not dismay!  Cars Land will still be there tomorrow...and even NEXT YEAR when the crowds have diminished significantly.  You can still go to Disney California Adventure in the future.  But what about today?  How am I possibly going to make it through the rest of this depressing Friday....hmm.  Here are a few ideas.

Lucky enough to be here? yeah, me neither. 

Animal Kingdom Artifact: Asafo Flag

   Here is a super charming flag from the Asafo people, of Ghana.   I think the simple design is both intricate at faux naive at the same time which is terribly interesting.  This is located in the little hallway next to Sanaa at Kidani Village.  Again, this proves to be a wonderland of Animal Kingdom there is that sweet little tortoise that lives over there...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Magic Player Piano Sing-A-Long:

   I don't even know where to start with this one.'s weird and amazing and campy and horrible all at the same time.  So lets start by filing it under extra curricular because, by no means, do you need to own this unless you are insane and hit the "buy button" on iTunes without thinking. (like I do.)
   Disney has been slowly releasing the entire back catalogue of vinyl records...and while we have a great resource like Mouse Vinyl doing a lot of the work already...some stuff just isn't available.  To be quite frank, I'd never even heard of this INSANE WEIRD release until a few days ago...when it came up as an iTunes recommendation based on my previous purchases. (along with Hanson and the Spice Girls...)

 This record is EXACTLY what you think it is.  Piano versions of hit songs from Summer Magic.  If you've listened to the Disney Hipster Podcast or read one out of ten blog posts here, you might have realized my affinity for this terrific Hayley Mills vehicle.   BUT THESE ARE NOT INTERESTING JAZZ VERSIONS/RAGTIME VERSIONS!  They are simple piano versions clearly to a click track.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hipster Pinocchio.

   Oh, hello there hipster Pinocchio. (actually, Pinocchio is already kind of a hipster...he just needed shaggier hair...)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Disney In Our Home: Tea Hutch.

   We started a short new series last week finding Disney related crap in our house!  This week we are moving out of the kitchen and moving into the foyer, specially that definitively gay guy piece of furniture...the tea hutch.
   Our hutch is an arts and crafts secretary from the 1920's.  We got it for a steal at a Staten Island antique store, and we store the majority of our tea/coffee stuff in it.  Among these treasures are a number of Disney related junk!  Yay!

this thing is responsible for all caffein induced potty mouth...

Good Design / Bad Design: Fur Costumes.

   On the latest episode of the Disney Hipster Podcast (which you have subscribed to on iTunes...right?) We introduced a fun new segment called Good Design / Bad Design in which we analyze very specific Disney related topics.  This week we took on fur character costumes. Fur characters, though not always, are usually animals.  They aren't allowed to speak...but that doesn't stop them from being ridiculous and amazing.
   Adam had a few some pretty good reasons for his two pics...which I don't need to share here. (because you have ALREADY subscribed on iTunes...oh, and you've already left comments and rated it as well. Right?)  But I thought it would be fun to include a few pictures of these costumes in action...

good design.

Bad design. Adam clearly doesn't like this...

   Also, this segment has a silly/catchy theme song composed by yours truly.  Enjoy friends. :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Video: Dream Of Disneyland!

   Alright, after all the (totally awesome) excitement centered around our really fun and stupid podcast this might seem like a somewhat lesser announcement. BUT...this October I'll be releasing an album of SONGS ABOUT DISNEY WORLD!  This silly album will include previous "hits" like Country Bear Tree, Living With The Land Or Die, and The Norway Song.  I'm really excited about it, and I hope that some of you are as well.
   To get you hyped up about this project, I've made another silly/similar video for one of the songs that will appear on the record....enjoy. :)

   So, let me know what you think about this one!  :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Quickie: A Few Rosey Haunted Mansion Photos...

   Here are a few random pictures of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. We kind of like the exterior of the WDW version better...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Windmill: Epcot Starfields

   Ok.  We're going to file this one into both extra curricular and also into totally awesome hipster nonsense.
   U.K. based indie band Windmill released an album in 2009 called Epcot Starfields, inspired by singer Matthew Dillon's childhood trip to Epcot.  In other words, this is freaking amazing.  Most of the songs are pretty forgettable at first, but they have a magical ability to grow on you.  The band is pretty easily placed somewhere between Polyphonic Spree and Grandaddy....even similar nasal singing. (mind you that we like both of those bands, so thats saying something I guess.)
   There are a few standout tracks here. Ellen Save Our Energy is raucous and innocent, and probably the best track here.  Epcot Slow, and Spaceship Earth are both slow and very pretty indeed.  I'm not great at articulating my feelings about music obviously. This is Epcot fan fiction at its best.  Written filtered through someones fuzzy memories of Epcot Center, and we're assuming, what they have read about what Epcot was supposed to be.  A really beautiful album.

more after the jump...

Animal Kingdom Artifact: Glass Paintings From Senegal

   Scattered around my favorite resort are these wonderful glass paintings from Senegal.  Just when you think the artwork is getting too serious (i.e. - brown and circle of lifey) you stumble upon one of these beauties.  They are a little jarring against some of the other artwork, but incredibly charming.   This particular duo is from the men's restroom/changing room near the Jambo House pool...just next to The Mara.

   I'm happy to be doing Animal Kingdom Artifacts it gets me excited for our TWO upcoming stays at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  October and December, both times are savanna views.  Yay! :)   Do you have a favorite piece of artwork at AKL?  Please share them with us! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Disney In Our Home: Refrigerator

   We have been pretty honest about our lack of Disney merchandise on this blog, pretty much since our first post.  We aren't into plush, or picture frames, or calendars...or what ever people buy on vacation.  But as I was slumming around the house on Monday (because it always rains on my days off from work) I realized. Holy Moley!  Disney threw up all over our house! 
   This of course is not literal puke. (Disney puke, as we all know is citrus swirl and pixie dust.)  But I noticed that something had happened over the last six years...we HAD become merch people.  Like I said before, it isn't plush (with one exception) and a lot of our stuff people wouldn't realize is Disney related.  But our home is completely utterly drenched in Disney memories!
   Because of the shear enormity of our silly collection of crap, I'm breaking this up into many subsections.  Today, we look at our refrigerator.

It looks un-disney enough, right? 

more after the jump...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Disney Hipster Podcast.

   Oh, wait...whats that? We accidentally recorded a podcast and put it on iTunes?  Thats right friends.  Furthering our stronghold on snarky, opinionated, childless Disney fans we thought we would broaden our reach a little bit, and though we sound like we are missing chromosomes we tried to keep it entertaining. :)
   So, faithful reader, if you want to go that extra mile with us,  follow the link to our ridiculous first episode.  We hope to have an awesome co-host in the near future.  But in the mean time, try and pick the most (accidentally) offensive part of our hour long introduction.

   If you happen to like this nonsense, please feel free to rate it on iTunes...or, if you are so inclined, we'd really appreciate a review as well.  Shucks guys, we love flattery. :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Barber Shop At Disney California Adventure

   One of the greatest things about Main Street USA at The Magic Kingdom is the functioning barbershop near the fire station. While it would be terrific if there were other semi-realistic errands offered in Disney parks, this one is particularly weird and awesome.  As a hairstylist in New Jersey (the epicenter of awesome/horrible hair and fashion) I really appreciate this feat of extensive theming.
   You can only imagine my elation while stumbling upon the Argyle Building at Disney California Adventure! "Wonderful!," I thought, "An avant grade hair salon, right here in DCA!"  Well, apparently it is just a facade, next-door to Fairfax Market.

more after the jump...

Eric Boardman's Walt Disney World...

   I really can't get enough of Eric Boardman re-hashing everything I already know about Walt Disney World.  Making a sweater joke would probably seem redundant at this point, so I'll just say that I love it.  Enjoy this campy realness.

Winnie Pooh (Винни-Пух)

      Although we tend to be a bit obsessed with all things Disney nowadays, it was really our shared interest in animation is what brought us together in the first place and was the jumping point into the World of Disney. I think as a community we become really protective of the company, it's output and easily forget that other people and companies can also make outstanding works.

      Almost as long as the Disney company had been making great animation and telling wonderful stories stateside, the Russian animation Studio Soyuzmultfilm has been doing the same. Most of their stories tend to be original, but in 1969 they released their first of several films based on A. A. Milne's Winnie-the Pooh. Although I highly recommend exploring Soyuzmultfilm's films, especially their stop animation work, I though being able to provide a comparison would be the best place to start.

 Winne Pooh and Piglet

More after the jump...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Quickie: A Few From Trader Sams.

   Like any good tiki bar, Trader Sams is pretty hard to get a good picture.  I'm sure we snapped a few dozen, of which only a few are remotely usable.  Here are a couple shots from the awesome Disneyland Hotel bar...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Disney Blog Roundup: 6/2/12

   Oh good for me, actually making a blog round up!  yay! Not being lazy is a good thing.  Enjoy these awesome Disney blog posts from the last week. (or so...)

   - Over at our FAVORITE new Wonders of Life based blog, some terrific ideas for the flower and garden festival!
   - Finally! Our girl Sarah over at Eating WDW lists her favorite WDW cocktails!  yay!

   - Stelle over at This Happy Place Blog looks at two of our favorite things! Broadway and The Land BGM!!!!!! Go get it girl!

   - Over on Mouse On The Mind Melissa Sue (who is stinking adorable) explores how to make the most of your photo pass!

   - Our favorite Disneyland photo history blog Gorillas Don't Blog brings us a few pictures of the matterhorn that we sadly had to miss on our recent trip. :(

   - Dear Ryan over at Main Street Gazette takes a look at Disney World Costuming! Terrific! :)

    Go ahead and have a terrific week end!  We have a lot of really fun stuff planned for the coming week!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Grand Californian Corner: Stained Glass Sliding Doors.

   Here we are, a month after our first Disneyland trip...and the end of our Grand Californian Corner segment!  Here is a picture of the notoriously hard to capture stained glass sliding doors at the front entrance of the resort.  Truth be told, I did have to wait several minutes to get a picture that wasn't entirely blurry. (yes friends, it is rude to make people wait to walk by as you take parks and out.)

   Though the official run of the segment is over, I definitely will drop a Grand Californian Corner in place of an Animal Kingdom Artifact now and then, as I'm feeling homesick for Disneyland.  We are already looking forward to our next west coast trip...May of 2014. :)