Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random Awesome Voiceovers: Eddie Sotto

   So after posting about my new favorite thing Shrunken Ned, Jungle Witch Doctor, I decided to actually read a little bit about him.  Upon doing so I quickly realized (aka, I read it on wikipedia) that Mr. Ned was voiced by total badass former imagineer Eddie Sotto.
   In addition to large contributions to the company, Sotto was responsible for Shrunken Ned, and Aladdin's Other Lamp.  The lamp was a mystery to me, and apparently right around the corner from Ned...though I didn't notice it.  He also was the (lead?) voice of Radio Toon Town...which I always get a kick out of.

   I should also mention that Eddie Sotto had something or other to do with Mission Space, which just goes to show that regardless of how awesome you are, everyone makes mistakes.  :)

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