Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Plants At Rancho Del Zocalo

   Here is another small but significant way that Disneyland trumps the Magic Kingdom. Plants.  I know everyone mentions how quaint DL feels and how that feeling is mostly brought on by the fact that there are TREES in the park.  And how silly does that sound?  Yes, there are trees in MK, but by comparison they are rather puny and on the outskirts of the park...simply due to the extensive system of utilidors directly below the most magical place on earth.
   So that explains why there are no trees. great, wonderful.  But why have our (we've actually started referring to WDW as our and DL as their...we know its dorky, and not endearing at all, but we probably never will change it. ) parks been neglected the delicate and wonderful gardening that Disneyland has been bestowed?  It seems like everywhere you look is a beautiful, interesting, well maintained potted plant.  My affinity for Disney plants goes back quite a while.
   Some of the best examples of this well done extensive theming is at Rancho Del Zocalo, a wonderful Mexican counter service restaurant at Disneyland.  Here are a few examples of their wonderful succulent collection:

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 from personal experience, the string of pearls succulent is pretty hard to maintain...

An enormous jade plant!

   In addition to all the beautiful succulents along the wall (leading toward the restroom none the less...) there are other, very well themed plants in this areas.

I love how they tucked this dessert grass in the faux cracked corner. Total botanist bad-assery.  

Adams foot got in my way.   

   Before anyone shoots me, I know that succulents are particularly not conducive to growing in Florida due to the high humidity. But they do manage to keep a few large jades over in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom...if someone could tell me how they do that, I'd love to know. 
   Also, WDW isn't without its charming plants.  In fact my two favorite trees in the whole world are in Adventure land.  Can anyone guess? (hint: they are not FAKE trees that you climb in.) 

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