Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodbye Snow White.

  It is a sad day around here. The perennial underdog of Fantasyland, Snow White's Scary Adventure is closing.  Though the rope has yet to drop, and the day has yet to begin, it appears that this attraction will shutter with little fanfare.
  There are no "Toad Ins" ala Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, no Facebook page to "Save Snow," even Twitter is relatively calm about this one. (and people on twitter get upset about EVERYTHING.)  But, I'm here to officially state that I am extremely heartbroken and upset.  I'm sure I'll carry this sense of ennui with me every time I walk past that corner of the Magic Kingdom.  This is not out of shear love for the attraction, but for a few reasons.
   First of all, this will leave Fantasyland with TWO dark rides! Where did our Fantasyland go wrong? Disneyland has five...each better than the last!  (plus, Winnie The Pooh in Critter Country.)  I know that the little mermaid attraction is opening later in the year, but still.  I don't think the valuable "castle interior space" should be taken up by anything other than dark rides.  The logic here is so simple, yet imagineers have never made this work.  Why is Sleeping Beauty Castle SO SMALL and manages to hold FIVE dark rides, and Cinderella Castle is gigantic and only holds two?  Really...this just doesn't make sense.
   Then of course, there is the nostalgia factor.  Though my love and obsession for Disney Parks is as big as they get, I'm still relatively new to the game. (first trip as an adult was 2006.) Because my fandom has grown in a relatively quiet time for the parks, the closing of Snow Whites Scary Adventure will be the first considerable closure for me. I can't even fathom my park experience without seeing the evil queen change from beautiful to an old hag in the mirror...or Dopey waving goodbye to me, or even those logs that look like alligators.  I'm going to miss the ride vehicles, and how they always hurt my bottom. (I always wanted to get the Sneezy car."
   I'm going to miss a lot of things about this attraction. I could keep going, but for the sake of my teary eyes I need to stop.   I'm jealous of everybody down there, able to ride one more time.  If anyone wants to send me photos via twitter, that would be awesome.
   Goodbye Snow. :(

In Memorium: Snow White's Scary Adventure 1971-2012


  1. Thanks for posting this! :) Since I only went to Disneyland once and was not like uber geek about Disney anything, I never noticed how there were more dark rides there. Of course, that is the case and it is odd how one thing works in one place and maybe not in another? It would have been nice if there could have been a way to incorporate another into the FL expansion... especially since I think they do count as something a boy might enjoy (rather than princesses or fairies or something) when they were all worried about that. It might seem "cooler". Eh. Sometimes I wish we got paid the big bucks.


  2. Agreed. The Fantasyland of my youth is long gone. I'm old enough to remember Mickey Mouse Revue, ORIGINAL Snow White ride ending, Toad, 20K Leagues, Skyway.... Fantasyland just seems to keep punching me in the gut.

    The new Fantasyland will be nice. The kids will love it but you're right something will be lost. Snow White is the last of the classic "Funhouse" style rides in the park. Toad was the other. As enjoyable as they are there's none of that craziness or suspense in Pooh or Pan.

  3. I don't mind... I am still way too emotionally scarred by childhood trips to enjoy that ride. I can deal with just about any type of scary, but not stuff that jumps out and screams! (See all over the internet for my fear of the Haunted Mansion graveyard scene)

  4. I always assumed that DL got more dark rides because it's so much hotter in California. But it really isn't fair.

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