Monday, May 28, 2012

First Rope Drop At The Magic Kingdom

   2009 seems like such a long time ago.  We had just started ramping up our Disney trips from five days to about eight...and from two times a year to four.  It was around this time that we discovered the value in being early risers, and actually making it to the parks before opening. (aka, a rope drop.)  In true Disney Hipster fashion, we've started taking this very seriously, like our lives depend on successful rope drops.
   Here are some silly pictures from our very first rope drop ever, at the Magic Kingdom!

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   Here we are awaiting the official opening of the park.  Do not be fooled by the announces enticing you to move toward the center of the main entrance to see the opening train show.  Yes, it's worth seeing once, I guess.  To be practical, badass rope droppers you need to be at the front, right up against the rope.  
Though in these pictures we're on the right side entrance, we have come to prefer the left.  *Notice the nice lady behind us...

   The key here is, when the rope is taken away, and we've all counted down from ten, you must WALK not RUN toward Cinderalla Castle.  Under no circumstances should people be running anywhere, and if one person breaks the rule it often sets off some proverbial dominos.  Always wave and say good morning to the sweet cast members on main street, but do not stop for anything, especially to take your picture, these are very valuable moments.

   Be the first people at the next rope, right in the middle of Cinderella Castle. (yes, there is another holding area, before you actually experience any attractions.)  Make sure you follow the appropriate cast member to the attraction you would like to go on.  In our case it has always been Dumbo The Flying Elephant first, as the only time we will experience this is if there is NO WAIT AT ALL.  I know that with the changes and relocation of Dumbo that the rules of this attraction have changed, and we can't wait to experience this in October.   Anyway, if you are smart and fast enough, you just might be the first people on Dumbo (*remember the lady from the first picture?  Notice, she's still way behind us, as are another thousand people.)
   From here on out, you should be one step ahead of everyone.  Though a lot of people suggest criss crossing the park early on, in our experiences we always knock out Fantasyland in the first 30 minutes of the park being open...usually in this order:  Dumbo, Pan, Pooh, Snow White, carousel, and teacups.  By no means should you be going on Mickey's Philharmagic or Its A Small World during the first few hours of the park being open, so save those for later, when the park is overflowing with guests.

   Do you have any alternate strategies for "rope dropping" at a Disney park?  We would love to here it!  Via: Twitter @Disneyhipsters or email us at

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  1. These tips are great guys! In all my years of going to WDW, I've never made it to any of the parks for a rope drop. Thanks for sharing your strategy, I may have to try it some time.