Monday, April 9, 2012

Your Morning At Animal Kingdom...At Home!

  Yay!  I was so happy to get all the positive feedback surrounding the very fun/silly Epcot playlist I made.  I based that playlist on actual Disney Hipster "rope drop" strategy.  So, if we go on Soarin first, that is the music you hear first.  Got it?
   Because I have nothing better to do on this lovely Easter evening (Adam is cleaning the huge mess we made in the for 12! Yikes!) I decided to make another similar playlist, this time taking you to Animal Kingdom.

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   Lets explore a typical day at Animal Kingdom for us:
      -Start the day at the entrance, waiting for the park to open (like all good/efficient park tourists)
      -Walk, don't run, through Discovery Island.
      -Expedition Everest. (Also, grab fast passes)
      -Primeval Whirl /  Triceratop Spin
      -Walk through Discovery Island towards Africa
      -Kilamanjaro Safari
      -Expedition Everest
      -Meet and greet characters!  (probably Winnie the Pooh.)
      -Back to Discovery Island...
      -Tough To Be A Bug
      -Lunch at Restaurantosaurus
      -Finding Nemo: The Musical
      -Jammin Jungle parade...
      -Exit the park.

   That's some good touring friend!  Enjoy the playlist of your day below...

   Do you tour Animal Kingdom any differently?  If so, how?  Let us know via Twitter!  @disneyhipsters


  1. Excellent! I just finished listening to this. What a nice way to start my day! :)

  2. How wonderful, thank you for sharing this! I also enjoy the Pizzafari music (though I've never eaten there).

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for a Magic Kingom and MGM playlist in the future! Thanks for such a wonderful blog, I always enjoying reading/listening/watching what you post.

  3. Love it! Where do you get your music from? I have the stuff you can buy on CD, but it's those extra bits of park audio that are hard to get hold of.

    Oh, and right with you on the touring - we always head straight to Expedition Everest.