Monday, April 23, 2012

Your Day At The Magic Kingdom...At Home!

   Here we are again with another audio playlist, documenting a fun day in the parks!  Today we're jumping into the Magic Kingdom!
   Like we've pointed out in the previous two entries, this playlist goes in (mostly) chronological order with what a typical "rope drop" would be like for us...and carries you into the rest of the day.  So here is whats on the agenda for our wonderful day at the Magic Kingdom!

   - Queue up at the rope, before the park opens. (the left side is the best!)
   - Walk, don't run, down Main Street toward Fantasyland.
   - Be the first on Dumbo for the day. (no audio. sad.)
   - Enjoy Peter Pans Flight...
   - Enjoy Winnie The Pooh
   - Enjoy Snow White
   - Enjoy Mad Tea Party

more after the jump...

   - Enjoy Prince Charming Regal Carousel
         *Thats it for Fantasyland NOT get sidetracked by Small it for later.
   - Walking through Frontierland
   - Ride Big Thunder Mountain!
   - Walk from Frontierland to Adventureland...
   - Ride of Magic Carpets of Aladdin. (seems weird, but do it in the morning, before there is a line)
   - Now we're crossing through the hub...
   - Tomorrowland
   - Space Mountain
   - Crossing back over the hub to Frontierland...
   - Yay! Splash Mountain!
   - Back to Adventureland...
   - Pirates.
   - Take pictures with Tiki Gods...tell them you love them, and that they aren't secondary attractions.
   -  Jungle Cruise
   -  Tiki Room!
   - Lunch time!  Head over to Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square.
   - Since we're here, lets get on The Haunted Mansion.
   -  Enjoying Liberty Square a bit...
   - NOW time for Small World (crowds have picked up a quite a bit)
   -  Philharmagic!!!!
   - Walking through the Castle / Hub.
   - Frontierland...
   - Country Bears!
   - (several hour time lapse.....)
   - Main Street Electrical Parade!  (I like to sit in front of the shooting gallery.)
   - Wishes!

Wow!  That was a fun day!  Very accurate though, it is possible to do 13 or 14 attractions before lunch.  (lunch should always start around 11:30....before any huge crowds.)   Enjoy the playlist.


  1. Hooray... thanks guys, you have actually made my Monday enjoyable :) And I completely agree that the Tiki Gods are NOT secondary attractions! Also, I like your touring plan, I can never decide whether to run to Space Mountain or Peter Pan's Flight first thing.

  2. Another great way to make the most out of my time before lunch! Thanks!!

  3. You guys are the best!!! LOVE this. What a fabulous Monday surprise!