Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jungle Cruise Songs About the Moon:

   We write a lot about background music here on the blog.  Our favorites tend to be "park themes" that are written specifically for the park, with the melody drifting in and out of our consciousness.  Epcot is the best and most obvious example.  Their music loops weave common themes, as well as altered attraction melodies into several cohesive loops.  Wonderful.
   While other parks still maintain this level of superb soundscaping, often times attractions go a different route.  The Jungle Cruise has a wonderful loop of of jazzy and exotic songs from the 1930's and 1940's.  The caveat here is that atop these songs is the whimsical banter of radio host Albert Awol. 
   Though Mr. Awol's antics are really amusing, and the jokes fit wonderfully with the attraction it is fun to listen to the songs on their own terms.   It's the kind of music that accidentally creeps into your subconscious, until you hear it again out of context. "Hey! That's Jungle Cruise music!" 
   Here are a couple favorites on the theme of the moon:

Moon Over Burma - Dorothy Lamour

Moonlight Over the Ganges - Tommy Dorsey

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Moonlight serenade - Glen Miller Orchestra

moonglow - Benny Goodman

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  1. Ooh I do love these songs! Also, the Tower of Terror music loop has a great mix of old favorites as well as the Sunset Blvd BGM loop. As always, thanks for sharing!!