Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fun With Screen Shots!

   Lets file this away in Extracurricular Activities!  While on vacation it is a lot of fun to make random secret memories.  Whether it's using a specific restroom (I love the one at Sanaa, for instance) or sitting on your favorite bench in's nice to take home those little memories.  In doing so we're filling up our "Disney reservoir," which helps get us through until our next trip. 
   One of my favorite ways to make little memories is to take screen shots of my current/favorite location!  In doing so, you can use the image taken as your phone/computers wallpaper!  Every time you look at the image you will be reminded of how happy you were at that moment.   Remember friends, you're next trip is always just around the corner! 

This is from our trip in October.  I'm about to 'rope drop' Epcot.  Notice the time...I'm a good boy. 
For those of you who don't know, the blue dot represents my place, using gps.

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 Relaxing by the pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge!

 Closer shot, of said relaxation.

   Another fun thing about making Disney World screen shots is that you don't actually have to be there.  You can look up your favorite park or resort any day....and remember all the fun you've had!  

  Magic Kingdom.

 Close up of the hub...

MK parking lot....sometimes the most random things are the most fun! (maybe not this though...)

   The Epcot image has been my wallpaper since October, and I still find myself staring at it, thinking about how much fun it is to be the first in the park!  These are the kind of things that get me through the day.  Hope everyone enjoyed!  :)


  1. Love it! Know what else is fun? You can use the Google Maps street view to drive around WDW. Oooh, I bet you can drive past Disneyland, too! Going to go try that now...

  2. Love this idea! Ive just spent a good 1/2 hour at animal kingdom via google maps! :-)