Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Big Al Moves In...

   We have recently come into a wealth of awesome old Disney parks merch, as well as some really terrific old books.  One of the notable things we acquired is Big Albert Moves In.  
   This is a very curious book. It was published by Whitman Books, Tell-a-Tale series for the opening  of Walt Disney World, to promote the new Country Bear Jamboree attraction.   Besides the fact that this is essentially an advertisement for the park/attraction, there are only minor problems with this.

 This illustration is fantastic, but why is Henry in it twice?
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   The story centers around Big Al, who for unexplained reasons is referred to here as Big Albert...which I don't approve of at all.  Here are the bullet points...
     - Big Albert is lazy, and just wants to play guitar.
     - Big Albert doesn't prepare for winter, and has to move south out of desperation.
     - Big Albert scares the life out of residents of a small town.
     - Big Albert stumbles upon Disney World, where he is welcome with open arms...

Got it?  Good.  The story might be pretty silly (and awesome) but the really neat thing about this little book are the fantastic watercolor illustrations!  Oh the 1970's are shining bright here my friends!  Gorgeous lime rest against aquamarine, and  lovely washes of ocher, all compliment the fine lined drawings.  These really are superb, and fit well with the general themeing of the Country Bears. 

   I am particularly obsessed with the image of Big Albert hiding out in the grocery store, with the police man warning people.  Classic.
   One slight problem...all the country bears resemble themselves in the attraction, so why doesn't Al? I don't thing they made him fat enough, or cross eyed enough.  Whats up with that?

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