Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Sherman Brother's Non Attraction Goodness.

   It seems like the death of Robert Sherman has brought in a new wave of Sherman Brother Love.   I never knew that appreciation  of these guys could get any bigger, but apparently it can.  This is a rare instance where I think the love and attention is totally warranted.
   The problem of Disney theme park enthusiasts is that we tend to focus on weird microcosms of Disney.  (My obsession with Epcot back ground music might be labeled as such. )  This seemed to be the case when Robert died last week.  We had tons of (deserved) attention dumped on the relatively small theme park work he did. (and also Mary Poppins, but to serve my point, that doesn't count) 
   Here are some of the best non-theme park, non-poppins Sherman brother songs:

The Age of Not Believing, from Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

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The Spectrum Song, by Ludwig Von Drake.

Hayley Mills sings Castaways.

For Now, For Always from The Parent Trap. 

The Monkey's Uncle, Annette and The Beach Boys.   

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