Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goodbye, Mr. Sherman.

   Robert Sherman,  the legendary, amazing, influential songwriter passed away yesterday.  There is very little to be said about the Sherman brothers and their special place in the hearts of all Disney fans, whether conscious or not.
   As part of the Sherman brothers team, Robert brought dozens of unique, catchy, and beautiful songs to us.  From Walt's personal favorite Feed The Birds to theme park classic There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow...these songs are above all else simple and honest.

   Robert will perhaps be most remembered for his most famous song, It's A Small World After All...which has become a personal mantra of mine over the last few years.  In particular the lines, "There is just one moon, and one golden sun, and a smile means friendship to everyone."

   Go out, and have the best day of your life.  Smile at someone who looks down.

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