Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Few Reasons To Love Discovery Island

   Animal Kingdom is, by default, my second favorite theme park.  By which I mean that there is no way the Magic Kingdom couldn't be number one...but this is a close competition.  It isn't that there are a lot of attractions, because I know there isn't.  In fact there are relatively few attractions when compared to the other parks.  What gets me going back is atmosphere and general themeing.  This is a gorgeous park.
   Among the different themed lands at Animal Kingdom is Discovery Island.  The center of the park contains the iconic tree of life which houses the Tough To Be A Bug attraction...and little else.  Until recently I saw Discovery Island as little more than a short cut between other, more developed lands.   It took me a few years to realized how great this area of the park actually is.  Now that I've taken the time to explore and soak up the atmosphere around here it has deepened my appreciation for the area as well as my over all love of the park in its entirety.
   Here are a few reasons to love Discovery Island: 

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   Behind the tree of life there are really rad unadvertised trails where you can find, among other things, the nene goose!  The state bird of Hawaii is a friendly little fella, and for reasons unknown, there are never any people back here taking a gander. (no pun intended.)   The plus here goes more toward the trails than the goose...but I do love them.   Like I said, the trails are extremely unoccupied, making it a wonderful place to relax.  Plus there are some really great picture taking spots.

   Another thing that has always caught my eye in this area is the fantastic artwork.  Unlike the rest of the park, this area has a more broad theme.  The artwork is bright, cheery, and wonderfully faux naif.  The theme of course is animals...but in stead of animals from say, Asia or Africa this area includes everybody!   I especially like the mice crawling out of the planters...adorable.

   To go along with the artwork here, a terrific background music loop is on constant rotation.  More upbeat than the neighboring Oasis  or Asia music loop, these are songs that you will actually want to play at home. (maybe while doing your spring cleaning?)

I couldn't find my favorite song...but this is another good one.

   All of this stuff is great for sure, but what is a perfectly themed land if you cant meet any random esoteric characters?  Enter the scene: totally creepy/rad Flik.   

  what a creep.

   There are a million reasons to spend the day at Animal Kingdom, but few people would bring up exploring Discovery Island.  Though its taken a few years, I've learned to really appreciate this area.  The themeing and music is terrific, there are nifty hidden trails, and you get to meet creepy Flik. (not to mention Tough To Be A Bug, which I love.)  

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  1. I so desperately miss the original Discovery Island park and bird sanctuary in the middle of Bay Lake. During an extended WDW vacation in 1995 I spent a day exploring DI and then hanging at River Country (which was also completely awesome.) Both attractions were incredibly charming. Now they look like they are part of the zombie apocalypse.