Saturday, March 31, 2012

Disney Blog Roundup: 3/31/12

    Another week, another blog roundup.  Lots of cool stuff going on in our ridiculous/silly/insane Disney community.   I for one, have been feeling a lot of love lately... on the blog, or course...but also Twitter and Tumblr.  You guys know we have those, right?  Find us: Follow us.

   - Disney Lovin Spectrum Mom takes a close look at guest asistance cards that have kind of become a problem in the last few years.

   - Ooh! Ooh! Epic Mickey 2!!!!!! via Zannaland.  This looks terrific!

   - Over at Mousechow, Dawn gave Pinocchio's Village Haus the dreaded "one mouse" rating!  Seems fitting...

   - Our friend Michelle returns to her old stomping ground This Happy Place Blog to discuss her awesome encounters with Alan Menken.

   - At last! Some decent disney kitchen ware!  From EatingWDW. 

  - Finally, we want to point out this TOTALLY AMAZING/FANTASTIC/WONDERFUL series of articles by our dear Twitter friend Q.  Mysterious Island, and Mount Prometheus!  
Via Designing Disney.